Thursday, May 24, 2007

That New Baby Smell

It's official. Babies are cool.

Yesterday Ashley, Adam and the Bean arrived from Australia, and they're staying with US! I feel very together about my housekeeping and preparation for guests, but I have not felt so out of my element since my rappelling instructor in 7th grade said, "Just lean back over the edge and trust the rope." You know you won't die or kill anyone, but it's still terrifying.

What if I break the baby? I used to babysit, I didn't think it was so scary then, but I also never babysat a 3 month old.

But there's another difference between then and now... Now, any misstep or awkwardness feels like a direct reflection on my potential as a Future Mother of America. Before, I'd just say, "Well, I've never had a baby, so no wonder I don't know what I'm doing!" Now it's, "Oh God, I'm planning to have a baby in the next year or two, shouldn't I know what I'm doing by now?!"

Fortunately, all went well. We gave Maddie a bath in the sink (thank goodness I had JUST cleaned it).

And I Helped! I was in charge of making sure she didn't go under.

She didn't.

(Does it look like my left arm drowned a week ago? Why is it so blue?!)

Tonight they actually sleep at our apartment. Senor and I are camping on the twin bed in the guest room because all of our clothes and stuff are in there... and we want the little family to have room and privacy. I'm making dinner for Adam, Ash, Senor, Mom, Dad and myself. My mom is going to get that new baby smell all over her, and then I'll never hear the end of it!! :)


Becky said...

You will do fine with the baby. They are harder to break than you might think!

viejo fuerte said...

I am interested in how Senor did with the Bean. If I remember correctly, he used to be quite good with children.