Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Still Sick

Yes, folks, the frustration is indescribable. I am still hacking and coughing. I'll have six pack abs in no time from all of the coughing. Of course, by then I'll be divorced because my husband hasn't slept in nearly two weeks, and I barely remember what it feels like to kiss him. I've slept sitting up for the past two nights, and while it helps the lungs stay clear, it's not very restful... Of course, neither is waking up drowning every minute and a half either. I'm on my third prescription cocktail, so keep your fingers crossed. I gotta get back to life as usual!! I'm going crazy!

It's been good for the knitting, though. I now have the back, both front pieces and one sleeve finished on the Ruffled Surplice. This one should definitely be done by the end of the month if not sooner. And then what? I don't know... but I hope it will be something quick and satisfying like this one has been.

Last night, despite the sickness, Senor and I saw "Georgia Rule." It was a free screening at his new job, and while Senor was pretty sure he wouldn't like it, he thought I might, and it was an elbow-rubbing opportunity, so we sat down to check it out.

24 minutes later we were ducking and running. I beg of you all, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SEE THIS MOVIE! I can't put the blame on the actresses. I think they were doing their best, but they were working with a script that some misogynist put together by reassembling long horizontal strips of dialogue salvaged from the Shredded For Your Safety dumpsters behind the offices of Motherhood Sucks Pictures. I'm not kidding. I'll watch a turd. I've watched many movies that I will not admit I liked to anyone I respect, but this was something else. You know how some movies are so bad they come back around to good? This one passes good twice and boomerangs off into the atmosphere...

Poor Felicity.

But at least Senor and I got to go home early. :)

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Peach said...

thanks for the warning.
I see you read Crazy Aunt Purl
She's so funny!