Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Come on Down!!

ANNE-MARIE is the winner of the "What's Your Favorite Age" contest!! Congratulations Anne-Marie, you are going to be the recipient of three skeins of Cascade 220 in Pistachio, plus a few other little goodies, I reckon. E-mail me with your address whirleymarge AT hotmail DOT com and I will get the treats out as soon as I can, since they'll have a bit of a journey to make.

In other news, the car has a name. Beet. For several reasons. It started with this precious little story (ironically from a post titled "We Have a Winner")... ever since I got the sound in my head of a little boy's voice saying "Ah Beet?" it's never gone away. We say it around the house sometimes. It's become a bit of a pet name and a pet saying (Thank you, John, whom I've never met). Well, what a perfect name for a car that I love, that's the color of a beet, and who's horn says, "Beet!" every time I lock it?

With all the ash and soot falling from the sky from the fires in Malibu and surrounding areas, Beet is looking a bit beat. We'll have to give a bath ah Beet. Not until the fires are out which, God willing, will be soon.


Brynne said...

Oh, that is too wonderful! Your car is just about as cute as its namesake, too. :)

The_Add_Knitter said...

Beet is too adorable!

Anne-Marie said...

Oh yay!!! I won, I never win anything. Luckily the postal strike just ended :) I'm emailing you now.

Yay. Thanks so much :)