Thursday, October 18, 2007

No Really, I Don't Have Enough!

Jaywalkers, that is. Yes, yes, I admit it, I cast on for Jaywalker 4.0. This week has been on the chilly side, at least for us Angelenos, and I work 4 days a week but only have 3 pairs of Jaywalkers. How can I keep my tootsies warm without wearing these all out too fast?!

So I did it. I wound a skein of Socks That Rock (my first time!) into a center-pull ball and cast on. Oh you lovely G-Rocks!!

I'll post a photo of the sock once I have a few more rows to show.

Yes, I have two other single socks on the needles. But you do, too. "Sticks and Stones, Kate Monster..."


Rebecca said...

such a terrible tease. show us the skein, but not the sock! sigh.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Love that colorway!!