Friday, October 12, 2007

Here's the Deal

No, I didn't lose 7 pounds since Tuesday. But. But. At home, where I've been weighing in, I have a digital scale, and I don't trust it. I never have, but I figured if it's inaccurate, at least it will be consistently inaccurate. I still believe that is true. I weighed in in a towel at 187.4 on Tuesday. Okay, nude, but wouldn't you?

But. Last night I discovered that they have a scale at my gym, which I hadn't seen before, and it is the kind with the spinny needle. Still not the most accurate, which I figure are the kind where you slide the weights over yourself, but more accurate than the digital kind. Would you agree?

Well. The scale at the gym said that I weigh 180lbs. In my clothes. With my shoes on. That's a much better vision of the world for me, so though my starting weight is probably also incorrect, I am going to leave it there as the scary potential reality, to remind myself how freaked out I was when I thought that was the case. I'm still heading for 160 and I still have an intimidating 20 pounds to go, but at least it's not as grim as I once thought.



Rebecca said...

best wishes with your weight loss. that's fabulous about the other scale weighing you at less than your home scale. it's always the other way around for me. drop the towel, btw! i'm sure it added like at least a pound.

queenb2u said...

Keep it up! We're all workin' at it. I haven't lost a pound lately, because all my fat has turned into muscle. Yup,yup. I figure if I get to the gym, a quarter pound is lost. Do you like my reasoning?