Tuesday, September 15, 2009

31 in 31 Days

Have you ever completed the sentence: I wish I was the kind of person who...?

It's a self-depricating game I play a lot, a way of saying to me, "You're doing pretty well, but you don't do [fill in the blank], so you could be better." I don't mean to do it, and perhaps that's why it's so destructive. It's aimless. It's not played with the intention of correcting the perceived problems; it's just an exercise.

I came to the realization this morning that in 31 days I'll be 31 years old. The year 30 has slipped away quickly, much of it spent at the mercy of my new little friend, and I feel that in order to do the best for him, I have let some things slip. Many of these things complete the sentence I wish I was the kind of person who... And now I am facing a deadline. By 31 years old, I should be able to manage some of these simple things that would bring me closer to being the kind of person I wish I were.

In the spirit of self-improvement and aging gracefully, here are 10 things I'll attempt to do 31 times in 31 days.

1. Floss my teeth
2. Take a walk
3. Read
4. Write down what I eat
5. Stretch
6. Moisturize (I'm getting old, after all)
7. Clean out/organize/de-clutter something
8. 10 push-ups
9. Crunches
10. Write a blogpost to hold myself accountable

And that means I'll be back later...


brynne_knits said...

Number 6 made me laugh so hard because that's what I just pledged I was not going to let up on when the baby is born.

Free Range Chick said...

It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one in the dental profession that has to work on flossing.