Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day One

1. Floss my teeth- Check!
2. Take a walk- 30 Minutes! Elliott played with the toadstool I knit for him (see below)
3. Read- when I go to bed...
4. Write down what I eat- Yep.
5. Stretch- Yep.
6. Moisturize- Face, Feet, Elbows.
7. Clean out/organize/de-clutter: Cupboard above the trash can closet.
8. 10 push-ups- Check!
9. Crunches- Check!
10. Write a blogpost to hold myself accountable- You're lookin' at it.

Feelin' good.

Toadstool Baby Rattle by The Purl Bee
A one day project!

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