Friday, September 18, 2009


1. Floss my teeth- Yes.
2. Take a walk- Yes, this evening. Didn't let it go by. I went out and did it. Senor and Elliott went with me.
3. Read- I'll give you a page or two, that's all I've got.
4. Write down what I eat- Did it.
5. Stretch- While waiting at the pediatricians... No, in the private room while Elliott played in his car seat.
6. Moisturize- Face.
7. Clean out/organize/de-clutter: Failed.
8. 10 push-ups- Did it.
9. Crunches- Did it.
10. Write a blog post to hold myself accountable- I'm here, but not for long. Soon I'll be in bed. I haven't slept much in days.

It wasn't teething. It was an earache. We've been up every hour most of the night three nights in a row. I'm going to bed. Now we've got medication. Perhaps we shall sleep tonight... or soon...

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