Thursday, March 22, 2007

One Photo, Dead Camera

As you can see, I am now finished with the right front panel of the Pea Pod jacket. I would have been farther along, but I missed the part where it said "you don't have to knit all the way across anymore, you idiot, stop for the armhole" and knit over an inch and a half past where I ought to have stopped. I had to frog back an hour of work, and then I had the unpleasant task of picking up all the loose stitches (one of my least favorite jobs, that and tearing lettuce for salads), and then I could climb on up the lace lapel to the shoulder. That felt GGGRRRRRREAT!

Next will be a couple of inches of stockinette on the back stitches and then the little narrow left lapel (it's asymmetrical), and then my first ever sleeves! Does anyone like knitting sleeves? Seems like I've read a lot of unhappy blogs about getting stuck on the sleeves... Maybe I'm just imagining. Should I be afraid?

I'm not at the moment. Should you lie to me then? Oh, yeah, Senora, sleeves are the BEST!!!

"We shall see. Oh yes, we shall see..." (Thank you, Gollum.)


Anne-Marie said...

the thing i hate about sleeves is that you just finish one, and then you have to do the second one all over again. So id suggest doing both at once to make your first sleeve experience a pleasant one :)

Brynne said...

I always think sleeves are the smallest parts of sweaters, but they're bigger than cardigan fronts, so they're deceptive. These sleeves are so tiny, though, that they'll go quickly, especially compared with knitting the whole body at once.

Knitting Ewe said...

The jacket looks great so far! I have done sleaves before and I just read the pattern and I have 2 comments. 1) Figure out a way to keep track of what row you are on, so you know when you have increased. I recomend placing a locking ring marker on each row that you increase. 2) If you have never sewn a side seam find someone to show you how - it is hard to learn from a book.
Good luck!