Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I sewed in the ends of these little cuties in bed last night. The conversation at 11:00 pm went something like this:


SRA: (looking at unfinished hats on floor) Hey, Senor, when is the baby shower for your co-worker again?

SR: Tomorrow.

SRA: The hats aren't finished.

SR: Oh.


(Aren't we exciting people?) I don't know, it was something like that. So I got all ready for bed, climbed in with my tapestry needle, my scissors, my nightly glass of water, and turned on High Fidelity. Our bedroom t.v. is virtually never on, as it has no channels and only plays VHS tapes. Also, I don't generally go in for t.v. in bed. Ruins the quiet and calm and sweetness of bed time... but when furiously finishing a project to meet a deadline, I make exceptions. (I also make exceptions for illness, lazy Sundays, and really hot days when the bedroom is the coolest room in the house).

I think they turned out very cute and uniform considering I used three different size needles, three different gauge yarns and two different fibers.

PINK: Cascade 220 in some hot pink color. Size 5 dpns. CO 44 sts.

WHITE: Misti Baby Alpaca Worsted in some off-white color. Size 3 dpns. CO 64 sts.

BLUE: Misti Baby Alpaca DK in some blueish purple color (Odessa leftovers). Size 2 dpns. CO 72 sts.

Two boys and a girl. One boy won't mind wearing white, right? We weren't sure about the boy to girl ratio when I cast on, so...


Last night we had a good old fashioned evening complete with knitting, guitar playing, and singing of Beatles songs.

Did you ever notice how "Beat" is in the word Beatles? Like the beat of the music or beatniks? That was on purpose. Did you ever feel real dumb for not figuring something like this out until you were 29 years old? Of course, you may have just found out by reading this... in which case, I am not alone. "As in, I wonder what happened to the Oneders?" That's right.

And did you ever feel real dumb when you realize you're actually 28, not 29 years old? Oh yeah.

Or how about when you just discover that your husband plays guitar after knowing him for over five years... He's no Clapton, but he knows stuff. And I know nothing, apparently.

And then there's the matter of not actually knowing all the lyrics to the entire Beatles catalog the way you thought you did... I actually heard some songs last night I've NEVER heard. Have the Beatles been writing new songs lately? They must be, because I knot ALL the old ones. Really. I do.


Anne-Marie said...

I used to think I knew all the songs until i bought anthology. I know nothing.
The bag is actually unbiased from knitty, but using kureyon instead of recycled sari silk. Its a nice mindless pattern but id make i bigger next time.

amandarama said...

DOES Sr. play the guitar? I'm sort of surprised myself.

word verification - trimobs - osrt of fitting, for a knitting blog

patrick said...

I DON'T play the guitar. I can stumble through the basic three chords, and that's pretty much it. And forget about playing and singing.

Krissy said...

I don't play the guitar, but I LOVE the Oneders!!! Good job on the hats.

Peach said...

Wow, uh... didn't know that they spelled it that way for a reason.
"Presssidential flashcards?" is my fave quote from the "oneders" movie. :D My favorite movie... ever ever ever!!

Wow, how long have you known your husband or how long has he been keeping his secret about guitar playing?
And, I can't believe I'm gonna be 27!! I feel so old!!

vierjo Fuerte said...

How can Senor possible play his guitar? It is standing in the corner of my guest room.

david In Irvine said...

It's my guitar he was sorta playing. Still better than singing the 4th part in three part harmony. It the darn Bro that can play AND sing that annoys those of us who can't.