Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Saved for a Rainy Day

My Senor and I enjoyed this romantic moment after work one night last week. It was as lovely as it looks, trust me. There were two glasses for wine, but the other was inconveniently placed out of this conveniently arranged photo. See Senor's toes in the bottom right corner?
Not much knitting to show, so I thought I'd show one of the other good things going on in my life.
"Things are looking up.
And no more will I be the mourner
For I've finally turned a corner
Oh things are looking up
Since love looked up at me."


Anne-Marie said...

hi, thanks for noting me. Im a lazy poster so i only just updated. im knitting another bag at the moment but i have a few unfinished things which i need to get stuck into.
Im hoping knitting wasnt just a winter sport for me, but im finding more things to do now the nights are getting lighter, so its taking a slightly further back seat

Knitting Ewe said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. I think you could still do bobbles - if you just hold yarn in back of your work and pull it through, you would have the stitch you need for a bobble!
I like your represent hat - I live in NYC and will be at Strawberry Fields and FIT tomorrow - I cannot wait. (I just finished and posted my represent hat today!)
May I ask how you came across my blog?

amandarama said...

mmmm, yummy! and romantical!

Anne-Marie said...

I do love that afghan, but 21 balls of kureyon? Thats 2 weeks pay :)
If i had it in me, id have made a sweater. Like the one in the latesy knitty, but the steeks scared me away from that one. If i had a sewing machine that would have been my first choice.

Gregorio said...

Is there anything better than cheese and Ritz crackers? I think not.

Well, the fruit and drinks do help.. but really, it's just the cheese and crackers.