Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Excitement and Pressure

My knitting stamina is about at a comfortable 5K these days. I've done a few larger projects now, and I'm proud, but they were like struggling through 10Ks without quite enough training. After my last 10K (Sleeveless Tux shirt), I decided to do a 5K for fun... but I didn't know I was registering for a 10K by mistake.

It's not complicated. It's going well. No mistakes (knock knock knock). But it's growing like grass. I keep measuring to see when I'll reach the "Knit in pattern until the piece measures 11" from cast on edge".

I've been at 9" for roughly the entire 21st century!

It just doesn't grow, and my patience is growing thin. Which leads me to measure more, which leads to more incidents of "Still 9 inches?!"

And it's not an unenjoyable knit. I just have so many things I want to get to... So many projects in the wings that MUST BE STARTED NOW!!!!! I'm deep in the Pressure and Excitement haze. The pressure of choosing the next project to commit to, the excitement of someday, maybe, eventually getting finished with this gosh-darn spiral shell!!!


Peach said...

It's pretty! I love the color you picked.

Anne-Marie said...

Its looking good. Im making Morven a laptop cover. Im stuck on 6 inch and it needs to be nine. Its just plain old stockinette now, going at no speed at all :s Im kinda missing the intarsia (which im incredibly proud of! lol)