Sunday, July 15, 2007

Retail Therapy anyone?

For a little pick me up, check out my friend's jewelry on Etsy:

DLS Designs Jewelry

She has some really beautiful things, and a few that I have my eye on... So you better go buy what YOU like before I get my wallet out!!!

I didn't end up buying any yarn the other day, but I did get some new lip gloss (it helped perk me up). I have a trip to Canada coming up and guess where I'm going to get to go?!

Lettuce Knit!!!! Stomping ground of the Yarn Harlot herself as well as many of the other bloggers that I keep my eye on. AND I'LL BE THERE!!!! So I'm saving my "Sorry I Didn't Get the Job" purchase for my trip. I can't wait!!


Anne-Marie said...

Hi, your friend has some nice things. It has reminded me that I made jewellery once and that I need to stop sitting around and actually make some more :)

Rosina said...

Sorry to hear about the job :(
It is really hard to go through the interview and everything and then not get the job.
I hope you have a great trip to Canada. I would be an eye out for the Harlot... maybe she could sign something for you!