Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who set this thing to "Head Games"?

Guess what I got? I got a hat! I got the hat I was supposed to get from my assassin in Head Games "thousands of years ago." I am so excited, and I mean absolutely nothing but good will to my hat sender...

... because she knit it out of the goodness of her heart! She was not my assassin, she wasn't even in the same circle of doom that I was, as far as I can tell. See, I won Head Games without ever getting a hat... I won because I was the only one left who hadn't received a hat, and that was because no one knew what happened to it. So I did win, but I didn't feel like a winner. Get me so far?

Well then this lovely woman named Carol e-mailed me to offer to knit me a hat from scratch because the point was that everyone who played was supposed to get a hat. That was the REAL point of Head Games. So she knit one just for me. Just because.

What a wonderful woman. And a Canadian, at that! She actually paid international postage just to make me feel (and look) GOOD!

Lovely Canadians and their lovely handknits!!!

Thank you Carol, so much. I just love it! I can't wait for it not to be burning-ass hot so that I can wear it.

She also included some bitchin' Canada treats just for me:

There was a pen, too, but it's already been pressed into service at my office, and I forgot to bring it home. I just love the way it looks on my desk!!

I can't wait to go to Canada and say a real thank you to the Canadian air... that's as close to Carol as I'll get for now... Unless you live in Toronto, Carol... Do you? I'll meet you at Lettuce Knit in 3 weeks!!!!

*I'm going to leave this picture on my blog, in spite of the fact that I have something in my teeth. Did you notice the first time? Go back and look... Yeah. I'm awesome. But I don't have any illusions about who I am. I am the kind of person who publishes photos of themselves with cilantro in her teeth... Oy!


Anne-Marie said...

Loving the hat. And I didnt see the thing in your teeth until you pointed it out.
I did a fall bag swap last year and never received anything from my partner, I kinda wish I hadn't gone to the effort for her, since I had a feeling she wouldnt do her part. But I did get a nice bag in the end from a step in swapper so it was all good in the end

Gregorio said...

It's been my experience that Canadians are awesome.

And if you make it up there, have someone take you to the best place that makes poutine. It's to die for!