Friday, July 06, 2007

These Socks Were Made for Walkin'

Some might say it's about time on this one. I may be alone in that sentiment (I don't know how many of you are keeping an eye on unfinished projects in my life), but still I say it without hesitation, "It's about time!"

Jaywalker 3.0 is finished. It's not without mistakes, as is my apparent destiny with all of my Jaywalkers. This pair had one weird big stitch that I guess I just didn't pull tight-- I'm talking about nearly an inch of slack on one stitch. I can't explain it. It also has one slipped stitch that got slipped one too many times, and it had a dropped stitch that I'd have had to frog more than half of a nearly finished second sock to catch. I don't think so! It was at the top of the heel flap. I just wove it down as far as it could go and sewed it down. No worries. It's just a sock. I'm okay with a mistake or two. Not on my sweaters or other types of projects, but for some reason a mistake on a Jaywalker doesn't seem to bother me much. Maybe because I make so many.

Whatever the reason, you can't tell at all that there are any problems when you look at them, and that's what matters. I'm going to e-mail a photo off to Grumperina. Maybe I'll be the 1000th pair! Wouldn't that be amazing?!

Did you notice in the photo that the jaywalkers are cruising my blog? They are big fans, ever since they were cast on. And they are such lucky socks because they can cruise Mommy, Look What I Made in the comfort of their own living room. Our DSL is all up and running at our new lovely computer. Now we can have some fun!

(And we can upload photos from the camera at home over the weekend. Yay!)


Rebecca said...

oh look at those lovely Jaywalkers! i haven't made that pattern yet. but i have oodles of sock yarn just waiting for a pattern to find them.

Anne-Marie said...

one day (maybe not soon!) I too will have a PAIR of Jaywalkers. If only I knew where they were and if only Morven hadn't sat on one of my DPNs and snapped it.... But im confident that at some point in the next 7 years I will finish that pair! I like your colour choice, stripes are purdy :)

Lone Knitter said...

Your Jaywalkers look beautiful. I like the yarn you used. My Jaywalkers took forever! I think my gauge is too tight and not compatible with the pattern, so I had some issues myself! But now you can say, yes, I've knit Jaywalkers, too!