Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well, what adjectives should I use to describe our trip to NY? To say "stressful" would not do justice to the fun we had:

To say "whirlwind" would certainly express the quickness of it, arriving in NY Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday morning (with a wedding in between), but it would not express the amount of subway riding we accomplished:

I could say "quirky", and the fact that quirky rhymes with turkey gets us almost all the way there:

(this rooster had not RSVPed to the wedding, and was removed from the reception)

Dig the racially correct caketopper!

Of course, the fact that there is a farm in Queens at all is quirky in itself:

(the groom received this goat as part of the dowry... ha ha... no, the bride did, I think...)

To say that the quarters were "cramped" would not do justice to just how small it really was, nor to the high level of hospitality we received:

Overall, there really isn't one word to describe it. It was crazy and fun. It was a kick in the pants and a pain in the ass. It was too short, and it was about time to leave. It was everything a vacation should be: a wonderful break from everyday life, a wacky series of new experiences to keep things fresh, and a whole lot of work to make going home seem like the best thing EVER!


amandarama said...

Your hair is adorable.

Krissy said...

Holy crap is that the bedroom. The furniture stores in New York must make a killing off bunkbeds.