Wednesday, November 01, 2006


In honor of Crazy Aunt Purl of this charming blog:

And in honor of all woman-sized-women everywhere... here is why you should NOT buy the "formal shorts" offered and your local friendly Macy's:

I especially love the way the front pulls across my hips to form the lovely ripple effect. Yes folks, this is me on my honeymoon. I swear I felt like Carrie Bradshaw that day... I didn't know. Until I saw this photo, and I have never worn these shorts since (unless there was a risk of my legs disolving like the Wicked Witch in a pool of my own sweat).

In hindsight, I am sorry for having spent the money on these... but at least I can always hold onto the fact that I didn't design them. And that means that I am not profiting from the humiliation of others.

And that is something, at least.

New York post to come, keep your formal shorts on...

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