Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You know THAT number?

It's different for each of us. It's that number that each of us uses to fill in the following sentence:

Well, at least I'm still under ______ pounds.

Last night I discovered that I can no longer use mine. I have passed it, the scary number I've always looked down at as my bottom rung. (Someday when I'm finally happy with my figure, I shall write a memoire called "As My Bottom Rung".)

I passed it by a pound, guys. That is a tragic thing to discover, but it's also a wake up call in a way that vain attempts to avoid the number never really were. Even at X minus 2 pounds, I could still hang on to the fact that I wasn't there. Now I'm there, and there's nothing to do but climb the ladder and leave my bottom ringing behind me.

Last night I ran at the gym. I borrowed a Yoga video from the library... I'm a little worried about the chick on the cover doing a handstand while touching her head with her toes. I hope I haven't inadvertently picked up a "Contortionism for Dummies" video. I picked up a salad to bring to lunch today, and I will not pour the salad dressing on the salad but dip my fork in it the way they taught me at Weight Watchers. At lunch today I am also hoping to go pick up a resistance band at Target. It seems like a fun workout toy, and fun is definitely the way to go for me.

Onward and upward, my friends!

This week I am at X + 1 lbs. By next week, my goal is X - 1. I'll let you know.


Gregorio said...

What a COINKY-DINK! I hit my X+2 last week!

Oh man, time to dust off the WW cookbook again...

amandarama said...

That fork dipping thing really works. What doesn't work is... making an apple crisp because you're bored.

Gregorio said...

WORKS: Cooking a big batch of something healthy, letting it cool, then portioning into containers for the work week.

DOESN'T WORK: Eating the entire frickin' pot of stew in one sitting...