Monday, November 06, 2006

Fun with Alpaca

First, there was the scarf. The intended project at time of yarn purchase. A gift for brother's girlfriend (to match her new snowboard) on her birthday.

Here's a close up of the stitch pattern, which I borrowed from the Yarn Harlot. This is her reversible, one row repeat scarf pattern. Loved it. So quick. So easy. So squishy!

Then, since the yarn was so wonderful, and there was plenty left, I decided to cast on for a hat... this decision was made at a red light. A long red light. The design was my own...

(As you can see, the Weebis was with us this weekend. Fun was had by all until he puked on my arm in my sleep... yick!)

And then, there was still a little left over. Newborn hat it is!

(the top was made with some leftover Lion Brand Homespun)

And, as a final insult, I made Wombat wear a baby shrug I once made. See how sheepish he looks?



larissa said...

I love the hat! Great pompom on top. And the auction went great. I'm still in major recovery, so I haven't blogged about it yet, but the aprons were an absolute smash hit. Everyone wanted them. Yours in particular was one that people fought over. Thanks!

Senora Fuerte said...

Wow, I'm thrilled that my apron was in high demand! I'm so excited to hear that it went well, and I love that I could participate. The success of my apron is just gravy! And getting a comment from a blogger I read everyday is really exciting!