Monday, November 06, 2006

Some other project updates, and a suspect photo

A simple ribbed scarf made with two bargain bin yarns, cotton tape by Tahki and something else curly-squirrely. Finished and sold already.

The placket neck pullover... going steadily.

And now the odd one... I think Wombat has been watching "The Ring" too much or something. Mom, keep an eye on him 7 days from Saturday... if the t.v. goes to static, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!


David In Irvine said...

Are you dog owners now? Or just dog sitters?

Can we book a reservation for Koki when we leave town, or should we just bring her by to show Wombat what "Calm" is all about?

Senora Fuerte said...

We are only dog sitters, and only for 1/18th scale dogs at that. I think Koki, even in her concentratedness, would be a bit too voluminous for our small space... otherwise we'd probably be able to handle her.

As for calmness... I'm pretty sure Wombat could give Koki a run for her money.