Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Updates

Hey hey hey, mah people!

Sorry I've been absent. I hooked my camera download cord up to the other computer here at work, and I don't know if the chee is different or what, but blogging isn't as fun over here... I'll move it back soon.

Now that the obligatory apology is out of the way, there has been a lot of activity in my knitting world... a few things finished and progress on just about everything else.

First of all, the toscana sock for Senor took a trip out to my cousin's baseball game in Pomona on Saturday. It was a double header, so I got a few inches completed. Because of the difference in tension between the ribs and stockinette, I'm having to do more heel decreases than I had planned, but whatever works, right? I'm enjoying the yarn a lot, so I don't care how it happens. Senor is being very patient, see?

I also did a bit of inventing for an Easter accessory:

This is my Easter Shrug. This is not the shirt I wore it with for Easter, but I forgot to take my camera out of my purse on Easter, so I'll have to see if someone else got a photo. (Also, you can see there were still ends hanging down in this photo) The yarn is Knit One, Crochet Too's Tartlette, and while it glimmers and feels great and was exactly the right color, it's a bit unpredictable in the stretch department. These two sleeves are the same length, though it doesn't appear that way in the photo. I found that I tugged on them a bit to keep them even while wearing it on Sunday, so perhaps the yarn wasn't quite right, but in general, I am very pleased with the design and would like to try it again. It's nothing very revolutionary. I've seen many things like it, but this was MY version, and I take great pride in having decided to try something and seen it through. It did get a lot of compliments from the grandmother and aunts, so I felt like a winner.
And finally...

Jaywalker 3.1 is finished! Look how excited Senor was (about something else) to hear the good news!

So pretty!


amandarama said...

Glad to know I'm not the only Fuerte to make that face in 95% of the pictures I take.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi, It was actually here on your blog that i found out about Jaywalkers! I like both your socks, whats the yarn you are using on Senors sock? - there seems to be a much better range of sock yarns in the US.
Thanks for the note.