Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Urban Safari

A picture show in three frames.
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On Saturday, Senor and I took an Urban Safari on the Los Angeles Metro Rail system. We travelled the green, blue, and red lines on our way from El Segundo to Universal City, home of Senor's new job (Yay!). These photos are taken from one of the platforms located between the eastbound and westbound lanes of the 105 freeway. Cars on all sides. Of course, on Saturday there wasn't much in the way of traffic, so I was able to create this little montage. Magical.

From the train we saw the Watts Towers, which unfortunately went by too quickly for me to get a photo of them. We also rode one of those bendy Frankenbuses that can turn corners in two pieces. Freakish! We only found ourselves on the bus because they were working on the tracks, so they ferried everyone off the train and onto waiting buses that took us downstream two stops where we got back on the train again. Nothing like riding in faith to make a control freak worry. We got where we were supposed to go, no problem. Except for the cute toddler pulling the stop request cord on the bus.

We saw this skeleton tile in one of the metro stations...
(Draw your own conclusions on this. We did, but I'm too much of a lady to share.)

Why the hell did I wear my faux Burberry scarf to go tromping through deepest, poorest South Central?! I'm a pompous, inconsiderate ass, that's why.

We did learn one universal thing on our way to Universal City:
Irritating is irritating.
Race, age, gender, nationality... none of these have anything to do with ones ability to drive the people around them INSANE. I participated with my scarf and my constant being-in-someone's-way-ness. Others participated by discussing loudly the prices of their expensive cell phones while in the company of downcast people carrying bags of scavenged recyclables. Still others bad-mouthed their parents for trying to do a good job raising them. And then there were the plethora of rolling devices crashing into ankles... strollers, suitcases, collapsible shopping carts, etc. It doesn't matter who you are or what you look like or where you come from... You put enough people in a small space, irritation springs eternal. I am not exempt. We are all the same under our skin.

And in a way it's comforting.

Oh, also, every kid is cute in their way. And it's a good thing, too, because if they weren't, we'd kill them for irritating us.

Wow, as Senor would say, "You are the most bugged person on earth."

It's true. I can no longer deny it.

At least I bug in return.

Minimal knitting was accomplished while on the metro.

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