Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In knitting news...

Adventures in colorwork... in the round. Can you spot the joins? Not my finest work, but the hat is for someone very special.
This hat, knit in GGH Boboli (love it!), was made especially for a friend's two year old grandson who was shaken and/or beaten so badly by his mother's boyfriend that he's now blind and had to have the top of his skull removed temporarily while the swelling in his brain went down... They kept his skull in his stomach cavity to protect it (never heard of this before). He had his "head" put back on Friday, and now he has a new hat to cover up his Owwies while the wounds heal and his hair grows back. Don't worry, the guy who did it is in jail.

I also worked on the Reading in bed shrug. Here it is blocking on the ironing board:

I was very excited to get to this point, but I had a suspicion that the cast off edge would be too tight for my lovable arms. I removed it from the ironing board and seamed it up and put it on. From the back it looked pretty good, I think:

(This back view includes the cast on edge on my left arm. It looks pretty, though from the side it cuts my lovableness right at the least flattering spot... ummm)

From the front, however, it is not something I feel I can wear out of the house, which despite the name of the pattern, I hope to be able to do.

You can also see here on my right arm (your left, in case you are left-right disabled like I am) how tight the bind off really is. Not nice. I have since then un-bound-off the right arm and re-bound-off more loosely. I really did try to make an outfit that would compliment the shrug. I wanted so much to wear it to see "Wicked" on Sunday... but there's just too little shrug showing from the front. I am going to re-un-bind-off the right arm and add a few pattern repeats so that the sleeves are longer.

This determination isn't really like me. I am one to toss a failed project in a pile in the corner, as I did with the skull and cross bones beanie I made for Senor... Not this time, friends. I can save this one!!!!!


queenb2u said...

Wow,your fingers must be cramping from all of that putting-in and taking-out. Your determination will pay off. Geez, I sound like a fortune cookie.

Peach said...

I made a shrug for my girls' to go with their Easter dresses, but hubby says it doesn't go. :(
So, I'm sorry your shrug doesn't work (yet) either. We can be bummed, temporarily, together.

I do like it, though. :)

Knitting Ewe said...

I read about a good stretchy bind-off. In the last row before binding of just work one stitch then make one! So simple, it just might work - good luck, its really pretty and worth figuring out.