Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Happy Happy Happy

Happy Anniversary!!! Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!

(Don't worry, we didn't go anywhere where the waiters sing this for your anniversary.)

It's been 1 year, my friends. One happy happy happy happy year since Senor made me his Senora... But it was 1 and a HALF years (or maybe more) since I began his sweater... I am only slightly sorry to report that it was not finished by Saturday, but it was devilishly close! You can't see it because I cleverly hid them inside the sweater, but none of the ends are woven in... and the roll neck still needs to be added, but look at the nice fit! And then of course there's the fact that I made a freakin' sweater out of once-straight yarn!! It's such an amazing feeling!!!!!!

Now I want one.

We forgot to have someone take our photo while we were out celebrating properly on Saturday night... but we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner, our other favorite restaurant for dessert, and our favorite Tavern for drinks and some karaoke. Yes, folks, for my husband I sang... I sang "Brass in Pocket" by the Pretenders... Senor said, "That was a hot one, Dog!" Me? I couldn't hear myself too well, and they played canned applause at the end, so there was no telling how the rest of the patrons felt about my performance... but the point is I sang it, and if you're really nice to me, maybe I'll sing it for you sometime. Senor rocked "Let's Get it On" and "Mack the Knife." I think they thought I'd be better based on his performances. Actually, I know they did. Flattering, but wrong.

Here are a few photos of the rest of our day. We started with sleeping in and eating the frozen top of our wedding cake, as tradition demands:

It was kinda yucky, but we did it for luck. Besides, can you really complain about any occasion that allows you to have cake for breakfast?! And the coffee made it better, of course.

Then I went to the yarn store while Senor ran some anniversary errands. Can you believe it? Cake for breakfast and then yarn shopping!!! What an incredible day!

There was a guerrilla-style nap midday (cake crash!) while I cast on for Debbie Bliss's Baby Bobble Jacket:

Senor gave me a beautiful blank book for our Paper Anniversary... which I neglected to take a photo of... (I suck at this sometimes!) I gave him his sweater-- I dubbed it our Lint Anniversary!

And then off we went into the cool El Segundo evening for all of our favorite things.

It was an amazing day celebrated just the way we like it: Our Way.


amandarama said...

I told my friend Christine that she would get to hear Senor sing Mack the Knife at my wedding reception, and she said "Oh thank God, I thought I'd miss it."

Krissy said...

Congrats on the one year. You know, I've known you longer married then not married. How about that? Of course, after Memorial Day, that will change.
Also, just a thought. Too bad Senor doesn't have a huge neck, otherwise you'd be done! But really the sweater looks great, so double congrats.

Bethro said...


queenb2u said...

Best Wishes on the big number one anniversary.:)