Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alive Woman Walking

Life is full of potential surprises. The possibility of life-changing events always exists, and each may change your life for the better or for the worse. At any moment a plane could crash through my work window and obliterate me and everything I know. At any moment I could get a phone call delivering wonderful news of some kind. At any moment I could lose someone I love, or someone I love could be creating a brand new life and having fun doing it. Anything can happen, and if you think about it too much, it can truly mess with your mind. We are all walking along our paths toward good and bad and undeniably toward our own deaths, but along the way, we can invite opportunities for the good or the bad that may happen to us.

Senor and I sent out an invitation about 9 months ago, give or take an eternity, and today we walk our path toward our good thing. It will happen. Today, or in two days, or three to be a birthday gift to Auntie NaiveHelga, or in 6 days to be a 60th birthday gift to a new Grandpa, or in 9 to be a relief to a pair of weary dreamers.

Walking this walk is invigorating. Any moment my life could change, even before I reach the end of this sentence. Or the next sentence. Or the next one. Shoot, that's not working. Well anyway, the excitement is undeniable. When will it start? When will the first contraction be? When will I find myself unreasonably stoked to be wearing wet underpants? Which everyday mundane thing will be interrupted by the start of our good thing? When will we all have this baby? It does feel like we are all involved, doesn't it?

It's like walking a green mile toward the beginning of my life.

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Anne-Marie said...

Yeah, when are we having this baby? Some of us are impatient don't you know?

I keep checking for updates. It can't be too long now :)