Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I missed a day... did you think that day 12 had turned suddenly into day 1?

I wish.

The longer I wait, the more neurotic I am getting.

I am aware that non-pregnant people are unable to say anything right to us pregnant types. They say we're getting so big, we hear "fat". They say we're still so small, we think they're minimizing how huge we feel. They say, "You're still here?" We think, "Well, Jeez, I'm not due for another 11 days! I'm not an invalid!" They say, "All my kids were at least 2 weeks late, so yours probably will be too," we think, "You unholy bitch!"

I know that everyone is just trying to be a part of the magic of the circle of life, and pregnant women are notoriously hyper-sensitive. But people have to realize that we can't say anything right, either. There is no answer that is correct to any of the questions we get asked day in and day out. I say that I'm excited to give birth, I get, "Just you wait until it starts." I say that I'm looking forward to not being pregnant anymore, I get, "Once you've had the baby, you'll wish you were still pregnant."

There must have been a day when I was just the right size, when I had just the right number of weeks to go, when I was glowing without faking it, but I think I failed to notice. And everyone has said all of the wrong things ever since.

So let's get on with it... So that we can start saying all of the wrong things to each other about parenting! ;)

(I'm going to go trade in this half-empty cup for one that's half-full. Of beer.)


Andrew said...

So that time I asked if you were having twins ... that was a bad question? ;)


I'll brew you a special batch of beer when you're ready!

amanda said...

A little glass of red wine never hurt anybody - not even a 38-weeks old anybody. And maybe alcohol will induce labor!
(was that a wrong thing to say? I hope not... c'mon, Zuul, show yourself!)

Senora Fuerte said...

Trust me, guys, don't think I haven't considered it. But I am about 250 days sober now, and I think I am going to make it the remaining 11+ days.

I realize this post is going to make everyone nervous about commenting. Don't be. I mostly get frustrated with the comments of strangers and really casual acquaintances. The rest of you I know well enough to tell you how I really feel if I need to... so if I haven't gone off on you, consider yourself safe from the wrath. :)

Staxgirl said...

I've heard that raspberry tea helps induce labor, if you are so inclined. Anyway, the Edmond team is pulling for you . . . or should I say "pushing"? Love from Staxgirl and Viejo.

Brynne said...

My first was born nine days early, so it could happen... :)

You'll be glad you've taken pictures at the very end of pregnancy. I look at mine every so often and think how amazing my body is that it got so big and then went back to pretty much normal.