Friday, March 06, 2009

Nothing to Report

Day "15"

Just got back from my 38 week doctor's appointment, and after a rather uncomfortable exploration of Zuul's front porch (you can figure that out without my explanation, right?), there is no sign of his or her impending departure. The door is not cracked, it's not even unlocked. The porch light isn't on. Zuul is not yet even checking to make sure all of the essentials are on his/her person (keys, wallet, sunglasses, mail to drop off, check to deposit, knitting project in case there is waiting involved, you know the routine). Zuul is staying home for a few more days at least... most likely. Perhaps if it's a boy, we should name him Phil.*

That's why I've put the 15 in quotation marks. Because it's day 15 if there are 15, or it's day 1 if there is only 1, or it's day 22 if there are going to be up to 22. 22 is the maximum, though; one week past the due date, we induce. March 28th is the latest Zuul will be here. There will be a baby by the end of March. There will not be an April Fool's Day baby.

Still, it would be nice to know that Zuul is at least preparing to leave the house sometime soon. I'm ready to go. Purse on shoulder, shoes on, make-up on, hair done, tapping my foot on the sidewalk by the car, full tank of gas. Come on, Zuul, it's time to go!!

*You know, like the groundhog.

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