Saturday, March 21, 2009

Things to do when not having a baby...

Sleep in
Drink Coffee
Listen to iTunes
Eat Grape Nuts
Cross Stitch
Watch 40 Year Old Virgin
Watch Godfather
Fold Laundry
Lie on your Right Side
Lie on your Left Side
Put your feet up to reduce swelling
Check e-mail
Write Blog Post...


queenb2u said...

Checking your blog every few hours to find out the baby status is part of my list! Just let it be known that we will be pushing for you.


staxgirl said...

You forgot the beer...or wine...or beer AND wine.

Anne-Marie said...

Stubborn baby isn't it!

amanda said...

Perhaps this is too forward of me, considering the family dynamics at play, but...
have sex? 'cause I've heard it speeds things along. I'm just sayin'.

Gregorio said...


nothing? dang