Friday, March 20, 2009

Saturday, Shmaturday

I'm due tomorrow. As of today, not one teeny tiny sign that anything is happening any time soon. After my exam, the doctor even asked if I have ever "had anything done" to my cervix, I guess she meant something that would make it extra durable and resistant to dilation? I don't know what that would be, but the answer is no.

I guess the spicy lamb masala I had for dinner last night didn't work. At least it didn't give me heartburn.

It's gonna be a long weekend!

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sue said...

Oh maybe you just have a really good cervix. Mine is still in very good condition after having 2 kids and I am 40 now. My doctor said that was great for my age, although it did mean I had to get my waters broken to bring on the birth the second time. The first time after walking around for a bit they actually broke themselves which was a relief. I am sure your baby will come when it is ready, as my nan used to say they come out when their ripe enough.