Monday, March 16, 2009

I hope they are right!

Ultrasound today. 5 days to go. The estimated weight of the baby is 7 lbs. I hope they are right, or at least close. A reasonably petite baby that's neither so big nor so small that we need to worry-- sounds perfect! Which of course it will be.

Also, I have to report that, at least for now, Zuul appears to have my nose. It was going to have a "striking" nose either way, and it still could have both of our noses (bulb and bump), but for now, it appears to take after the Williams side (bulb). For better or worse.

Striking noses make for sturdy personalities, I think. So I can't complain. And if it's SO bad, it CAN be fixed later, should Zuul wish. ;)

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amanda said...

The baby in the What To Expect picture over there on the side of the blog looks just about ready... good sign, right?