Monday, October 16, 2006

Birthday Greetings!

Hello there from Birthday land! I didn't think I cared about this birthday, but I guess I kinda do after all. 28 is a good number, and while I've been telling people I am 28 for months now, it's kinda nice to finally be what I have said I am... how do you like that syntax?

And speaking of gibberish... Last night I had a very interesting conversation with my husband before bed. Well, I thought it was a conversation, but according to the digital video (yes, there is hard evidence), it was all very C.S. Lewis. Here is a bit of the transcript:

Senor: Okay, now, explain to me who you are...

Senora: I'm one of the people that [unintelligible]...

Senor: What?

Senora: I'm one of the people that [unintelligible]...

Senor: But who am I?

Senora: You must have got microwaved.

Senor: How can you tell I got microwaved?

Senora: When they microwave somebody and hands are still there.

Senor: Alright, but what were you trying to ask me a minute ago?

Senora: Where you live?!

Senor: You know where I live.

Senora: Where?

Senor: I live in your apartment!

Senora: (exhasperatedly) In the cartoon...

Senor: I don't live in a cartoon, I live in this apartment with you and you're my wife. Do you understand?

Senora: Yes. Yes. I'm trying to ask you questions about a t.v. show that you watch and you're making in glow blue-- are you video taping me?!

There you go. And that's just the first 1 minute and 12 seconds... there another whole minute of that craziness!! That's what you get when you mix wine and sleepiness and Aquateen Hungerforce. You get microwaved husbands with hands that are still there!

Happy unbirthday to you!


patrick said...

Yeah, this doesn't even begin to capture the craziness of what you were saying. It was as if you were talking in your sleep, yet you were fully responsive to what I was saying...kinda. I grabbed the camera after sparring with you for about three minutes, during which time you asked me repeatedly where I lived, who my neighbors are, and why I was flattened against only one wall. Seriously. After the wall bit, I said to myself, "I need to record this, because she's NEVER going to believe this actually happened." I was unquestionably the strangest conversation I have ever had.

amandarama said...

It sounds sort of like Who's On First, but also sort of like Waiting for Godot.

Gregorio said...

Is this what happens when you get married????