Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Slowly slowly...

I thought making these Jaywalkers for my mom instead of myself would bring a sense of relief as well as a more swift bind-off. After all, a size 8 is MUCH smaller than a size 9.5, right? Well, I'm sorry to say, Mom, that a size 8 is still a big big foot!! I measured hopefully last night only to find that I am only at 6 3/4 inches and have another ENTIRE inch of teeny tiny rows to go before decreasing... Awwwww. Back to the sofa, Senora! Next time, bigger yarn! Lorna's Shepherd Sock is too fine.

In the meantime, I have set my sights on Christmas knitting. Well, that's just silly! I already made hats for all of the Fuertes, except for La Profesor Fuerte, soon to be added to my family-in-law. I don't picture myself having time to knit a whole line of socks for them this year... nor do I expect them all to tolerate homemade gifts forever, though they've been very gracious so far. Senor Fuerte asked for a pair of Socks of Doom, and as my still-new husband, I suppose I should set my sights on keeping him happy... at least for another 6 months or so. I purchased some beautiful teal yarn yesterday for Senor, and I can't wait to cast on. *whining* Do I have to wait until I finish the jaywalkers?

My brother just got a hat for his birthday, so he should really get something storebought and shiny.

Seriously. I think I've blown all of my Christmas knitting opportunities. Am I free? Or am I bummed? You be the judge.

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amandarama said...

I think you're free. Now you can knit only what you want, when you want to, without the burden of gift-giving.