Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Impending Doom

I've been contacted by my Grand-Assassin (that's the woman who killed my killer, Kalista), and since no one has heard from Kalista, the Grand-Assassin has set her eyes on me and will be working, one must assume, from scratch...

Meanwhile, I received my victim's weapon yesterday and am madly knitting away to get to my next victim before the Grand-Assassin gets me. Anyone out there aiming for Callensgrandma? Knit quickly!

In other news, my mom wants to take the red fishtail with her on a trip this weekend, and she leaves Thursday night... The dilemna is this: Sock Wars or Family Relations? Tough call.

Unrelated to knitting, the Focus is having heart trouble and the dryer is not getting hot anymore. Wombat is coming to stay this weekend, and Alisun is embarking on the knitted Christmas stocking this week under my supervisory eye (though, it's pretty easy, she won't need much help). Oops, that was knitting related again!

The 10 year reunion e-mail traffic is increasing. The count of marrieds is up:

Chris (I think)

Wow, look at us go! I know of a few kids, too. We are so well adjusted! I know none of you know these people, but just to give you an idea, that's 13/60 people. Damn fine ratio, and those are just the ones I know of.

Okay, enough.

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