Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend of wonders...

Well, weekend of "wonder where the weekend went". I knit A LOT this weekend. I should have taken a photo of the bum-print in my sofa! I started and finished the first of Senor's Christmas socks (no I will not be posting a photo until after Christmas). It was knit with DK alpaca, which made a nice break from the teeny-weeny Lorna's Shepherd Sock.

For those of you who are counting, yes, I now have two orphan socks. Must CO my second ones before I lose interest.

I also knit up a bumpy lumpy hat made of "Point 5" handspun/handpainted yarn in the Frangipani (see poor quality photo below). I forgot to take a photo of it, so I'll do that tomorrow. I'm hoping to wear it in NY this weekend for my friend's wedding (I won't wear it to the wedding, though). It will be refreshing to be somewhere cool enough to warrant wearing a bumpy lumpy hat! It may never be truly winter in El Segundo, CA. I keep waiting... but every day I wake up in late October winter chilliness, and then spend the day magically in July swelter. What is going on?! I'm going to pit out all of my cute winter things... but I refuse to bend! No tank tops in public in October!!!

I am really looking forward to some airplane time for knitting... what shall I work on? Sock number two of mom's socks? Or something new entirely? Don't tempt me.

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