Monday, October 02, 2006


Yay, Socktoberfest!!! Last year I wasn't up for it, and the year before that I was still stressing over the intricacies of 1x1 ribbing... but now I'm ready!!

I have three specific goals for Socktoberfest:

1) Finish the second "java" sock from Cherry Tree Hill. Gotta have at least one pair I can wear. (My Socks of Doom have not arrived yet, which is good, but my feet are getting cold)

2) Use the Lorna's Laces I bought when I first decided to try socks. I wasn't crazy about the first pattern I chose, and it wasn't going to fit me anyway, so I ripped it back and haven't used it since. The pooling was a little funny, so I might try a lace pattern with it to distract from the stripes that were forming. Or maybe I'll make them for Senor Fuerte...

3) Use the Fly Dyed "Old Country" (pictured above) too! I'm determined not to buy anymore sock yarn until I use the stuff I've got... and I can't wait to shop! So this Socktoberfest is dedicated to getting out from under my guilt, warming up my feet, and preparing to SHOP!!

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Emma said...

Ooh, pretty yarn! Happy Socktoberfest.