Monday, October 16, 2006

Knitting Progress

Here is my Jaywalker. It's working! It's working! I love the way it's working!! But it's a bit tight on me. I may give them to my mom; her feet are about a size and a half smaller than mine. I did decide to make them shorties, but that is because there really isn't much give or stretch and I was worried about them not going up my calf very far. The Lorna's Laces might be just a little too tight of a guage for me. Still, I love the way they are working!!

I also sent out my square for Grandma Purl's blanket. I am very excited to get this sent out, because I knit it a week or more ago, but because I opted for stripes, I dreaded weaving in the ends. I hate weaving in ends. I may never do stripes again! But I am pleased with how the square turned out.

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