Monday, January 22, 2007


Didn't love the gambling. Next time I go to Vegas, I will buy THINGS with my money instead of spending it all on those plastic round flat discs that the men and women in tacky vests keep making me give back to them. You mean I don't get to keep these?! My luck was so bad that I could have bet you that the sun would come up the next day, and we would all have ended up in the dark.

It is better to gamble on a new lipstick color, yes?

Or I will gamble on show tickets, because "LOVE" was the living end, as they used to say. How beautiful to see the peculiar talents of the Cirque du Soleil performers used to make flying dances and moving paintings out of the familiar music of the Beatles... It wasn't about shock factor, as it often is for Cirque. This was about story telling and emotional expression and wacky fun (with a few flips and tricks for good measure)... LOVED LOVE!!!

Love the resurgence of the penny slot, also, though they didn't pay out any better than any of the others... Love the Munsters slot machines!!

Didn't love $24 each to see the Titanic artifacts... We didn't pay it. I gambled on the odds that it will come back to L.A. I'll probably lose, but at least if I lose that bet I get to keep the $24.

Loved THE Hotel... Stay there, not at the Sahara. At THE Hotel, you can eat in THE Coffee Shop, buy things in THE Shop, and even wipe your rear with THE t.p. Gotta love THE guy (or girl) who came up with THE concept!! So simple, yet so daring... It's THE Bee's Knees.

Loved walking the Strip. We walked all the way from the Sahara to the Tropicana and back. With detours, and trips around various casinos looking for the Munsters, we figure it was a total of about 8 miles. Loved sitting down with a glass of wine after that.

Overall, loved being out of town with Senor, even if I didn't get to swim in nickels at any point during our trip. We still love each other, in richer and in poorer, in luck and in poor-devilry.

I love being home.

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Fuerte Viejo said...

Speaking of love, I love your writing.