Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Eve afternoon was spent knitting these precious premie hats for a hospital in Alabama. One of my fellow Head Games competitors is collecting them.

Senor tended bar on New Year's Eve, so I went to a friend's party stag (it was okay, no worries, I support my man!). Here we are before he left.

Once he was gone, I did a Yoga Buns video and then got ready for the party. Happily, the freeways were deserted and I had the pleasure of driving 75 on the 405 for the first time in... well, moons.

Senor and I spent New Years afternoon at the local pub having a burger and watching the Rose Bowl. I'm happy to say that USC spanked Michigan!! Fight on!!!!

I had the world's largest Diet Coke.

Senor had Stella.

And this is just a ridiculous photo of me in some really cute ear muffs... They were not a gift for me, but I still stole a photo of myself in them.

Happy New Year!


amandarama said...

Those ear muffs kind of look good on you - you have the right face for fur.

patrick said...

This is what my ears would look like if I didn't tweeze.

Gregorio said...

Damn it, Patrick... you beat me to the joke!

Glad New Years Eve was fun! and oh yes... FIGHT ON!