Thursday, January 18, 2007

I joined one of the many "Decrease Your Stash" situations out there in Blogland, and as I contemplate the moral ramifications of signing up for a gmail account when I have been so happy at hotmail for so long, I thought I should let you know my Stash Study findings.

According to the ball bands of my current in-tact skeins of yarn, I have 10,507 yds of unused unabused yarn... that I've counted so far. I do have a chest of about 8 large balls of acrylic orange fuzzy stuff and some fun fur stashed under the bed that I have not dug out yet. Expect my total to go WAY up when I do.

Of those 10K+ yards, 1800 are for Senor's sweater and 1200 are for Print O' the Wave; 430 of Lorna's Laces; 370 of Fly Supersport sock; 315 Jawoll Cotton sock yarn; 380 are Merino Bambino for a little sweater for Ashley's Bean; 672 are Lion Microspun that are designated for a tank from one of those knitting mags... these are the planned projects. These projects account for a total of 5167 yds of the whole balls. Not too bad. (The sock yarns are not designated to actual sock patterns yet, but they will be used for socks. It counts.)

Now. As for all of my millions of marble sized left-over balls of yarn, they came to an estimated total of 2995 yards. These I plan to use for scrap hats, charity knitting, maybe some more premie hats, wrist warmers, and general Whatnot. Several of the larger marbles are coming with me on our car trip to VEGAS, BABY! this weekend. I figure that with 2-4 hours of driving each way (Senor is laughing right now), I can knock out some serious yardage on premie hats and unfinished projects. Here is what I've packed:

- Finish Aunt Claudia's scarf. I did count this yardage in the total, so it gets subtracted when I'm finished. 300 yds of Schaefer Eileen in "Pearl Buck" colorway.

- Finish Senor's Skull and Crossbones running hat... yes, my friends, I am attempting colorwork for the first time. The hat is going to be enormous, but that is more the fault of casting on too many stitches. This project will leave some serious marbles of leftovers, but the yardage of the two skeins I am using total 260.

- Knit a square for Stitch Marker's Square Along. I have not yet added the yardage of the intended sock yarn leftovers to the Stash Study. I will estimate something at some point and add it... and then subtract it.

- Fun fur for a Chemo Cap... whose blog did I see that on? I forget. I printed it out with the pattern, though. There's a contest. It's a whole Thing.

- Premie Hat supplies. Size 5 dpns and yarn marbles that need to GO AWAY. The cutest hat goes to Ashley's Bean. The rest will be sent to Angie.

That's my plan... How many yards will I get to subtract after the road trip? I'm heading for the glass ceiling, or sun roof, if you will.

Expect tales of Nickel Woes and Stash Triumphs next week. VEGAS, BABY!!!

(Yes, I know Swingers is old news, but I can't help. It's just how I roll...)


patrick said...

Just for the sake of automotive accuracy, a glass panel is a "moonroof." A metal panel is a "sunroof."

American_Grl said...

Ohmygod, Patrick, were you and my husband separated at birth? Nat, it's like we married car-brain TWINS... :-)

p.s. I am SO excited about the Bean's future hat and sweater!!!

queenb2u said...

Everytime I see five or more skeins of yarn, especially real nubby or varigated, I think of you. If you receive a package in the mail, put it with your other so far unused yarn stash, I'm sure you will find a use for it, eventually.