Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Photos of the "Sahara"

This is our "room" at the Sahara. I think these are two twin beds... they might be doubles. We removed the "comforter" from the left bed and put our own chenille blanket and pillow cases on it. This is one way that driving is better than flying: you can bring your own linens.

This is why we didn't use the right side bed... a cigarette burn in the "comforter".

This is our "view". Nice.

And our bathroom... plastic cups. Very "classy".

Of course, we still managed to have a nice time out and about. Here we are on our epic walk down the Strip.


Gregorio said...

We were in the Stratosphere down the street (Jan 15-18)!!

Sahara scared the crap out of me when I walked by... stupid roller coaster...

Peach said...

Where do you get all this yarn and where do you store it??
I wish I had time to knit and crochet... changing dipes and feeding children seems to be more important LOL