Thursday, January 25, 2007


I started a fun fur hat Back In The Day , when all of my hats were knit flat and seamed up the back... And then I made the wise realization that I don't need a bright red fuzzy hat in my life. I already have bright red fuzzy hair. So I halted production on this lovely...

But then the Red Fuzzy was given new hope by a collection effort by Mini of Minestrone Soup ( for the children's cancer ward of her local hospital. They want fuzzy hats, and I want to give them one!!

So the Red Fuzzy came back out this morning, and after about 2 hours of cheerful knitting, the hat is done!

It's big (why do all of my hats come out SO BIG?!), but there are probably some kids with big heads. I am going to run some elastic around the edge to help hold it on, just in case.

I really like it, but don't worry, friends, I'll not be sporting a Fuzzy of my own any time soon. I have, in fact, outgrown my impulse to look insane... though I do have relapses once in a while.


Peach said...

I love it!!
except... you could get a job as ronny mcdonald lol

amandarama said...

The other day, I saw a girl wearing a faux fur hat (like Muppet fur, not real faux fur) with little pointy ears sticking out of the top.

Elspeth said...

Actually, my kids (or at least one of them) have big heads. It's handed down from DH's side. I love the hat!