Monday, January 22, 2007

Stash-Knitting Fool!!!

Wow, what I lost in nickels I made up for in knitting progress!! Now, let me preface my impending gloating by saying that I actually came out of this weekend with MORE stash than I went into it with, BUT I trade in my cheat day for January. Let me out of jail for free, please!!

I finished:
Pat's Skull and Crossbones Hat
Claudia's scarf
2 Premie hats
1 Baby Hat
1 Adult Hat
Gran's ankle socks

I almost finished:
Larissa's square... but I made a mistake that was too frustrating to fix in the car.

I used an estimated total of 760 yards of stash yarn. How can this be, you ask, with so many projects finished? Well, the adult hat and the baby hat were knitted with Super Fat yarn on size 17 needles. It just doesn't take that many yards to finish those... and the premie hats only use up about half-a-marble-worth of yarn.

Plus, these are just estimations; it's hard to know for sure when you can't weigh your yarn to see...

I purchased:
1 skein Colinette Point 5 (turned into baby hat and part of adult hat)
4 balls Cascade 220 Superwash in White to make Norah Gaughan's cabled bolero from Vogue Knitting (must order 3 more balls, I grossly underestimated)

Those purchases added a shocking 934 yards to my stash (not including the 3 balls to come). BUT, the Colinette already got used, and the Cascade Superwash is for a specific project... one of my goals has been to buy enough yarn to make ACTUAL garments now.

Senor aptly reminded me that I have 1800 yards of his sweater waiting at home... I reminded him that I've done 10 inches of 3x5 rib and that deserves a 6 month break. I swear. It really does. So here's the deal I'm striking with myself: I cannot even so much as squeeze a skein of the Cascade Superwash until I complete the back of Senor's sweater. That's the deal.

All in all, my stash didn't get smaller, but my WiP list did get shorter, and my stash became more useable. I am still counting yarn that I find all around my apartment like Easter Eggs... I will probably make a spreadsheet at some point this week to help me keep track of this ever changing, ever growing number.

Still. An excellent effort this weekend. Photos to come shortly.


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Knitting-schmitting.....I want to heard about the gambling. Since Senor did not call me, I'm guessing it did not go as well as he had hoped.